Alexander Malkis rewards discovering errors in his publications.

I am committed to high-quality research. However, nobody is perfect. If you discover and report to me an error in a paper of mine such that then I will pay you. Each error is worth twenty hexadecimal euro-cents, which is equal to € 0.32 in the decimal notation.

All types of logical errors, miscalculations, grammar errors, mistakes, and typos are considered. You are in charge of politely and convincingly proving erroneousness. I hate vulgar or violent arguments; you would face the same kind of arguments from me. In case of the controversial parts of English (such as the Oxford comma) you have to show that my English does not satisfy any established grammar style. The final decision of whether something is erroneous or not is taken by me.

A transfer in euro to a European bank account that has an IBAN and a BIC can be made at any time. Transfers to other bank accounts or transfers in a different currency will be made only when the transferred sum exceeds all the bank fees, which are then subtracted from the transferred sum.

If I cited a location of a resource that is outside my control, and if this location has changed, I would be happy to obtain the current location, but there will be no remuneration.