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h4tum - FAQ

Vision of the team
  • Everyone is equal and we are here for fun. h4tum is dedicated to the students of TUM and intended as a space for students interested in CTF to find like-minded people and build a community.
Current activities
  • Play CTF
  • Discuss security topics and vulnerabilities
  • Share IT-security memes
Role of the chair
  • The role of the chair comprises the following:
    • Promote hacking ethics (insert link here)
    • Moderate in case of conflicts (which hasn’t occurred yet)
    • Manage (and delegate) resources (rooms,git,official contact email).
  • Chair members also actively participate in CTFs and overall organization. But organization is not exclusive to the chair
I have a cool idea, can we do XYZ?
  • As students graduate and new students start, the demands of students also change. As such suggestions are always welcome - especially about (new) activities.
How is the team organized?
  • Everyone in the team is equal and can contribute to organization. As such organization is also bound to change over time. Currently, we do:
    • Organize and communicate in our Matrix Space with several channels for different topics
    • Monthly surveys regarding availability and interest for upcoming CTFs
  • CTF meetups in 01.08.033 or online (generally Discord)
How can I participate?
  • To join the Matrix Space, please send a brief mail to kilger@sec.in.tum.de and we can send you an invite link
  • To participate in CTFs, please participate in the surveys. We will then try to meetup in-person or online, so make sure to join us there!
Can I be in h4tum and still play in other teams?
  • Yes. If you’re participating with another team on a CTF where h4tum is also playing, make sure to leave the h4tum CTF channel and join back afterwards
Can I stay in h4tum after I graduate?
  • Yes.
I have a friend outside of TUM that is also interested, can he also join?
  • Yes, but it should be clear that h4tum will remain dedicated to TUM students and its community
How do we select who's going to on-site finals?
  • Selection is generally performed completely random. Spots will first be given to people that participated in the qualifier. If afterwards there are still free spots, remaining spots are given randomly to everyone else that is interested. Past participation in CTFs is not required
What about prizes in CTFs?
  • Prizes go equally to all players that won the prize and they are free to decide what to do with them. We do not make any distinction about how well each individual performed.