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h4tum - CTF-Team

Welcome to the page of h4tum.

We are a CTF team/community hosted and moderated at the TUM's I20 chair. We focus on connecting students interested in learning more about IT Security topics by particpiating in Capture The Flag Events (CTFs). We manage to qualify for on-site events several times a year, but we welcome everyone regardless of prior experience.

A CTF is a competition between IT security specialists (aka hackers) to test their knowledge in various hacking disciplines. If you took IT Security (IN0009), you already have an idea of how it works. Teams search for a secret in a hacking challenge - called a flag - that proves they have broken into an IT system. Challenges are from different categories. Common categories are: Binary Exploitation, Web Application Security, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography. Each team's progress is tracked on a scoreboard. CTF events are usually announced on CTFTime and are open to everyone after a quick registration. Events usually take place on weekends and last 24 to 48 hours. Because of the online format, the number of participating teams is usually not limited and there is no registration fee or anything like that. Some CTF events organize on-site finals for teams that have qualified in their qualifier event.

Our current activities are as follows:

  • Play CTF together - online and in-person
  • Discuss security topics and vulnerabilities in our chat
  • Share memes related to IT-Security

Current modus Operandi:

  • We organize ourselves in a Matrix Space [1]
  • We survey all members monthly for availability and interest in upcoming CTFs
  • If enough are interested, we register and play. We generally try to meet up in person, usually in room 01.08.033

If this sounds interesting to you, please write a brief e-mail to kilger@sec.in.tum.de and ask for an invitation link to the Matrix Space. Don't worry if you aren't yet super experienced, we are open to anybody who is willing to learn! Once you joined the Matrix space, simply indicate your availability and interest in our monthly survey and show up to the meeting.
For us, everyone is equal regardless of previous knowledge. We are here to learn together, from each other and most importantly: to have fun.

If you have any further questions, check out our FAQ or send a mail to kilger@sec.in.tum.de

[1] Every student has a matrix account at matrix.tum.de