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Student Work

The open topics found on this page are not an exhaustive list of all possible topics. If you want to suggest a topic yourself or if you are interested in other topics available in one of our research areas, please contact us directly.

Open Topics

BA: SoK: Developing Formally Verified Device Drivers
BA/MA/GR: Machine Learning in Side-Channel Analysis
MA: Emulation of Confidential Computing Hardware: AMD SEV-SNP / Intel TDX
MA: Secure Machine Tool Data Processing in the Cloud Leveraging Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
BA/MA/GR: Memory Isolation in OS Kernels via Hardware Extensions
BA/MA/GR: Memory Safety via Memory Tagging Extensions

Work in Progress

BA: Semantic Analysis and Reconstruction of Code Virtual Machines
BA: Deploying Unikernels in Unsecure Environments
BA: Re-Ranking Results of Static Analysis Based on Fuzzing
MA: Towards Identifiying and Mitigating Open Weaknesses in the Linux Kernel
MA: Rust in Translation: Unwinding the Layers of Rust Binary Reverse Engineering
MA: Authenticated and fully distributed group key agreement for bus topologies
MA: Dynamic and Automatic Validation of Security Mechanisms for QUIC
BA/MA: Reverse Engineering Intel Microcode
MA: Optimizing Hypervisor Fuzzing through Compiler-Based Symbolic Execution Integration
MA: ANMAD: An Automated Network Mapping and Asset Discovery Framework
BA: Function Matching using Call Graph Heuristics on Binaries
MA: Towards Automatic Compliance Verification of the Cyber Resilience Act
BA: Inter-Procedural Multi Layer Type Analysis
MA: Generic Anonymity Wrapper for Messaging Protocols
MA: The extension of EffectiveSan
BA: Reference Models Aimed to Fit the Compliance Needs of GDPR and Current Challenges
BA: Scalable Identity Management in Data Spaces
BA: Applying NLP for AC policy generation from responsibility definitions
MA: Development of a P2P-Architecture for CTI Exchange
BA: Dynamic Methods for Misuse Detection in Library Fuzzing
GR: Automated Decompilation of Virtual-Machine-Obfuscated Binaries
BA: Structure-Aware Crash Input Minimization for Library Fuzzing
MA: Detection of Software Vulnerabilities using Fine-Tuned Large Language Models
BA: Towards Identifying and Mitigating Temporal Safety Weaknesses in the Linux Kernel
BA: The User Interaction Problem: A User Study
BA: Anomaly Detection for Smart Buildings
MA: Electromagnetic Side-Channel Leakage Assessment of Public Key Cryptography on Application Class Processors
BA: Automated Web Vulnerability Scanning with Focus on CSRF
MA: Enabling Secure Collaborative Machine Tool Data Processing in the Cloud using Group Signatures
BA: Mitigating Temporal Memory Errors using Memory Tagging Extensions
BA: Collection, Summary and Evaluation of different Approaches for C Structure Type Inference from Binaries
MA: Assessing Live-Migratability of Containers
MA: A Closer Look on Cache Replacement Policies on ARM
BA: Taxonomy and User Evaluation of Authentication Recovery Methods: Bridging Theory and Perception
BA: Confidential Computing with seL4 on RISC-V
BA: Reducing Boot Overhead of AMD SEV-SNP VMs with Support for Privilege Levels
BA/MA/GR: Compiler-Based Symbolic Execution on Hypervisors
MA: Security Testing of Stateful Software and Protocols with Machine Learning
MA: Improving the Security Guarantees of Trained Machine Learning Models Using Trusted Execution Environments

Finished Work


Fault Attacks on ECC-Based Signature Verification Schemes
Masterthesis of Kevin Schneider

On the Security of Code produced by Code Generation Models
Masterthesis of Mariam Labib

Comparing Machine Learning with Fragment Template Attacks
Bachelorthesis of Ahmed Gammoudi

Considering Attackers with Root Access in Embedded Linux Update Systems
Bachelorthesis of Alexandra Huber

Approximate Quantumness Certification of NISQ Devices using Machine Learning
Bachelorthesis of Jakob Günther

Improving Supply Chain Security through Hardware-Attested Build Platforms
Bachelorthesis of Florian Donatus Raabe

Building a stealthy SSH & Web Honeypot
Masterthesis of Adrian Pesch

Analyzing Malware Detection Models with Explainable AI
Guided Research of Achraf Flah

Efficient Key Blinding for Post-Quantum Signatures based on the MPC-in-the-Head Paradigm over tweakable One-Way Functions
Guided Research of Markus Bever

Tear-Off Tactics: Tools for Memory Precision
Guided Research of Michael Pessel

A comparative analysis of adversarial robustness for quantum and classical machine learning models
Guided Research of Maximilian Wendlinger

Post-Quantum Cryptography for Embedded Devices: A Systematic Literature Review and Practical Evaluation
Guided Research of Maximilian Pursche

Lightweight Process Isolation for the x86 Architecture via Custom Hardware Extensions in the gem5 Simulator
Masterthesis of Minu Föger

Towards Open and ISA/IEC 62443-conform Logging for OT Devices
Masterthesis of Hendrik Hagendorn

Automated Analysis of Fault Injection Attacks
Guided Research of Kevin Schneider

Reverse Engineering Intel Microcode
Bachelorthesis of Felix Solcher

Towards a Systematic Approach in Evaluating Static Code Analysis Tools for C
Bachelorthesis of Peter Yi Shan

Decentralized trust establishment over a censorship-resistant name system
Bachelorthesis of Sebastian Nadler

Design and Implementation of a Testbed for Evaluating Usability of Authentication in OT
Bachelorthesis of Fabian Blank

Black Box Triggering using Software Defined Radios
Bachelorthesis of Johannes Nonnast

Towards Hypervisor-based Memory Management to Facilitate SLAT-based Process Isolation
Masterthesis of Simon Schnückel

Optimizing Metadata for Sanitizer-assisted Fuzzing on ARM
Masterthesis of Axel Strodel

Enabling Hardware-Accelerated Fault-Tolerant Memory Safety on RISC-V
Masterthesis of Raffaele Tranquillini

Post Compile-Time RandStruct: Enabling a Binary Exploitation Defense for Common Linux Distributions
Bachelorthesis of York Jasper Niebuhr


Exploring the Potential of Machine Learning Techniques for Fuzzing
Guided Research of Alexander Wagner

Secure testing of Java programming exercises
Masterthesis of Daniel von Kirschten

Dynamic security analysis of interconnected embedded devices using state-of-the-art rehosting approaches
Masterthesis of Florian Albrecht

Modeling System Architectures for Assessing Security Control Effectiveness
Masterthesis of Adrian Salas Rodrigues

Zero Trust in Cloud Assurance
Masterthesis of Tom Mirwald

Security Engineering Process for Authentication and Lifecycle Management in OT
Bachelorthesis of Maximilian-Emmanuel Zimmer

Improving the Trust Algorithm of the C-ITS Trust-Level Concept
Bachelorthesis of Marius Gugat

Investigating Applications of Runtime Attestation Driven Development
Bachelorthesis of Luis Gaspar Schröder

Structure-Aware Mutations for Library Fuzzing
Bachelorthesis of Valentin Metz

Design and Implementation of flexible Hardware Support for Memory Safety in RISC-V inside the gem5 Simulator
Bachelorthesis of Lukas Hertel

Evaluation of Remote Attestation for Arm CCA
Bachelorthesis of Lukas Baader

Integration of Intel SGX into a Universal Remote Attestation Framework
Bachelorthesis of Christian Schmucker

Evaluation of Anticheat Methods as part of a Reverse Engineering Challenge
Bachelorthesis of Adrian Stein

Belief Propagation on Lightweight Cipher KLEIN
Bachelorthesis of Daniel Lietz

Requirements on a secure design of cloud-based telemedicine applications
Masterthesis of Sebastian Steinmüller

Optimizing Memory Safety for C with Whole Program Analysis
Masterthesis of Simon Berger

Analysing Synthetic Data Generation for Enhancing Robustness of Neural Network
Masterthesis of Devendra Vyas

Unikernels as a Lightweight Compatibility Layer for Microkernels
Masterthesis of Lukas Felix Graber

Anomaly Detection in Team Communication Platforms
Masterthesis of Fabian Höltke

Binary Transparency for OT
Masterthesis of Victor Embacher

Physical Adversarial Attacks for Multi-Camera Systems
Masterthesis of Ana Radutoiu

Using Static Code Analysis for GDPR Compliance Checks
Masterthesis of Andreas Binder

Approaches to Secure MANET Using Trust-Aware Routing
Masterthesis of Vladimir Romanenko

Automated Protocol Reverse Engineering for Model Based Fuzzing
Masterthesis of Leon Imhof

Improving Static Analysis Precision Through Dynamic Analysis
Masterthesis of Kerem Cakirer

A Systematic Approach to Gradually Integrate Rust into Existing Codebases
Bachelorthesis of Alexander Berkov

Minimal Runtime in Rust for seL4-based Confidential Computing VMs
Masterthesis of Florian Freund

Rethinking Process Isolation with Lightweight Memory Protection Extensions
Masterthesis of Valentin Dimov

Physical Intrusion Detection with Raspberry Pi
Bachelorthesis of Mohamed Nour Touati

Building and Evaluating Geospatial Cryptographic Schemes
Bachelorthesis of Zhiliang Chen

Devising a Methodology for Classifying Requirements for Automated Certifications
Bachelorthesis of Daniel Braun

Optimizing Virtualization-assisted Intra-Unikernel Isolation via Static Analysis
Masterthesis of Matthias Kübrich

Automated Analysis of Android Applications: Reverse Engineering the Firmware Update Process of SmartHome Devices
Masterthesis of Nico Nußer

Smart Mutations for Library Fuzzing
Masterthesis of Alexandru Sasu

Android Device Identification using Remote GPU Fingerprinting
Bachelorthesis of Steffen Florschuetz

Improving Precision of Rule-based SAST Tools by assessing their results using a Graph Neural Network
Masterthesis of Andreas Frings

Inferring String Properties from Code Property Graphs
Bachelorthesis of Severin Schmidmeier

Decentralized Learning in Untrusted Environments
Masterthesis of Hyein Koo

Automated Language-independent Inference of API Usage Rules
Bachelorthesis of Selina Lin

Towards Memory Forensic in SGX Enclaves
Bachelorthesis of Lukas Heindl

Development of an IACS Security Engineering Tool
Bachelorthesis of Nguyen Truong An To

Reordering image pixels to defend against adversarial attacks
Bachelorthesis of Mohamed Amine Ben Hamouda

Policy based resource access for TPM assisted Linux environments
Bachelorthesis of Jeremias Giesecke

A Concept of Confidential Video Delivery based on Google Widevine DRM
Bachelorthesis of Andreas Papon

Applications of Large Language Models in Cybersecurity
Bachelorthesis of Aleksandar Manev

Enhancing Security Vulnerability Detection in Source Code
Masterthesis of Xavier George

Establishing trust in an updatable fTPM using remote attestation
Masterthesis of Andreas Korb

Investigating the Temperature Dependency of Side-Channel Attacks in an ASCON Case Study
Bachelorthesis of Mathis Foxius

Holistic Protection against Memory Exfiltration Attacks via On-the-Fly Virtualization
Masterthesis of Philipp Stratil

Speeding-up Post-Quantum Cryptography on an RSA Co-Processor
Masterthesis of Horia Turcuman

Remote Runtime Attestation of an User Access Engine
Masterthesis of Luca Mario Hohmann

Explainability of Deep Learning Methods in AES Side-Channel Analysis
Masterthesis of Benjamin Pfanz

RISC-V Extensions for SLAT-based Sandboxing with Optimized Address Translation
Masterthesis of Teofil Bodea

FlowWatch: Software-based Control Flow Integrity Via Isolated Dual-Reference Tables
Masterthesis of Jasper von der Heidt

Testing Isolation Properties of Software Containers
Masterthesis of Maximilian Peisl

Compiler-Based Return-Oriented Programming Prevention on RISC-V
Masterthesis of Oliver Jacobsen

Decompilation of Virtual-Machine-Obfuscated Binaries
Bachelorthesis of Leonard Auer

Collection and Evaluation of Standard Neural Networks for Side-Channel Analysis
Bachelorthesis of Lorenz Mangold

Authorization and Identity Management for Smart Factorys
Masterthesis of Tom Lin


Adversarial Attacks and Defenses in Quantum Machine Learning
Bachelorthesis of Inken Grüner

Security Analysis of Consumer IoT Devices based on EN 303 645
Bachelorthesis of Janin Chaib

A Policy-based Memory Safety Implementation for the RISC-V ISA
Masterthesis of Leander Seidlitz

Security Analysis of the eSIM and Concept for a Unified Framework
Masterthesis of Johannes Koblbauer

Secure and Usable Multifactor Authentication in OT
Masterthesis of David Bonauer

Hardening the Linux Kernel against Forensic Memory Analysis using Compiletime Randomization Techniques
Bachelorthesis of Andreas Chris Wilhelmer

Detection of adversarial patches
Bachelorthesis of Iheb Ghanmi

Fuzzing the Hypercall Interface of Hypervisors via Static Analysis
Bachelorthesis of Manuel Probst

Control-Flow Attestation on RISC-V Keystone Enclaves
Bachelorthesis of Berkay Eren Ürüm

An Architectural View for Privacy by Design
Bachelorthesis of Shuqian Xu

Privacy Properties in Software Architectures: Analyzing Messenger Applications
Bachelorthesis of Yan Sikuan

Privacy-Preserving Linear Regression
Bachelorthesis of Christoph Starnecker

Reconstructing images after adversarial patch removal
Bachelorthesis of Houcemeddine Ben Ayed

Optimizing Static Instrumentation for Symbolic Execution
Bachelorthesis of Korbinian Stein

Securing the ntor-protocol against active post quantum adversaries
Bachelorthesis of Jonas Lauer

Development of a continuously differentiable Model of arbitrary Instruction Sequences
Bachelorthesis of Salim Hertelli

Remote Runtime Attestation of Dynamic Data Blocks
Bachelorthesis of Tim Kruse

Automated Guest State Derivation for Holistic Hypervisor Fuzzing
Masterthesis of Manuel Andreas

Language Dependencies in Adversarial Attacks on Speech Recognition Models
Masterthesis of Abdelrahman Amer

Software-based Countermeasures against Fault Injection
Masterthesis of Maurice Hieronymus

LUCE: Logic-based Usage Control Enforcement Framework
Masterthesis of Leon Beckmann

Secure Update Mechanisms for Embedded Devices
Masterthesis of Corinna Lingstädt

Adversarial Detection in the Audio Domain
Masterthesis of Shanatip Choosaksakunwiboon

Development and Implementation of a Public Key Infrastructure for Industrial Environments
Bachelorthesis of Maximilian Pursche

Side-Channel Based Disassembling of a RISC-V ASIC using Machine Learning
Bachelorthesis of Lukas Groß

Towards high-performance full system fuzzing of IoT firmware
Masterthesis of Tobias Holl

reclaimIoT: Decentralized Identities and Data Sharing for the Internet of Things
Masterthesis of Nico Thomas

Secure, decentralized trust establishment in self-sovereign identity systems
Masterthesis of Martin Bogusz

Communicating through Firewalls by using Reinforcement Learning
Masterthesis of Daniel Fomin

Security Testing the DJI Firmware in a QEMU environment
Bachelorthesis of Hendrik Hagendorn

Internet of Vulnerabilities: Extracting and Analysing Firmware of IoT devices
Bachelorthesis of Thomas Grote

Evaluating sandboxing mechanism in the Linux Kernel for student assignments
Bachelorthesis of Endri Hoxha

Grey-box fuzzing embedded devices using feedback from side-channel analysis
Bachelorthesis of Thomas Völkl

Dynamic Identification of Sources and Sinks for Data Flow Analysis on iOS Devices
Bachelorthesis of Yvonne Rieck

Evaluation of LLVM Lifters
Bachelorthesis of Nico Greger

On the applicability of emerging identity standards to decentralized identity directories
Bachelorthesis of Tristan Schwieren

Bachelorthesis of Sebastian Galindez Tapia

Using Segmentation to Detect Adversarial Examples
Bachelorthesis of Dang Khoa Nguyen

Dynamic Identification of Data Flows through iOS Runtime Functions via Input Manipulations
Bachelorthesis of Anna Darii

Robustness Against Adversarial Examples and Noise
Bachelorthesis of Stefan Niclas Heun

A Runtime Firmware Update Mechanism for RISC-V OpenSBI
Masterthesis of Benedikt Kopf

Comparing Robustness Notions in ASR Systems
Bachelorthesis of Tarik Özkahraman

Learning Shortcuts: The Influence of Simplistic Features on Deep Neural Networks
Masterthesis of Maximilian Burgert

Rectify adversarial images using reconstruction methods
Bachelorthesis of Skander Krid

I'll keep you my dirty little secret: Towards automatic detection of bad crypto in Type I embedded devices
Masterthesis of Katharina Bogad

Evaluation of post-quantum lattice-based approaches to Attribute-Based Encryption
Guided Research of Timo Saunus

Improved Remote Attestation for Online Voting
Guided Research of Maximilian Haberl

Software Supply Chain Security
Guided Research of Victor Embacher

Transferring Anomaly Detection to Audio Spoofing Detection
Masterthesis of Franziska Dieckmann

Input-Aware Static Analysis for Fine-Grained Kernel Specialization
Masterthesis of Christopher Roemheld

Similarity-Based Deduplication of Fuzzing Crashes
Masterthesis of Ridvan Acilan

Post-Quantum Secure Key Blinding for the GNU Name System
Masterthesis of Zeynep Sonkaya

Anomaly Detection on Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
Masterthesis of Yalvac Top

Using Static Data-Flow Analysis for Precise Control-Flow Integrity
Masterthesis of Florian Kasten

Adversarial robustness using regularization techniques
Masterthesis of Natyra Bajraktari

Security Analysis of Function Granular KASLR in Encrypted Virtual Machines
Bachelorthesis of Oliver Nguyen

Closing the Validation Gap in a Continuous Deployment Software Supply Chain
Bachelorthesis of Robert Haimerl

Robust Audio Adversarial Examples
Bachelorthesis of Armin Ettenhofer

Analyzing Binary Similarity Models with Explainable AI
Bachelorthesis of Achraf Flah

Remote Runtime Attestation of Driver Operations
Bachelorthesis of Frederik Olberg

Generative Dataset Preprocessing for Model Explainability
Masterthesis of Jochen Jacobs

Side-Channel Attack on Post-Quantum Key-Encapsulation Mechanism SABER using Belief Propagation
Masterthesis of Jonas Stappenbeck

PKI-based Security for the IACS Supply Chain
Masterthesis of Adrian Reuter

Analysis of ACRN Hypervisor Interfaces for Grey-Box Fuzzing
Masterthesis of Guilhem Roy

Exploring channels for anomaly detection in additive manufacturing
Masterthesis of Petar Zoric


Incremental Construction of Code Property Graphs
Masterthesis of Samuel Hopstock

A Readiness Analysis of Audio to Video Deepfakes
Masterthesis of Grygoriy Garyuk

Anomaly detection methods to detect adversarial example
Bachelorthesis of Alexander Wagner

From Requirements to Architecture: Systematically Selecting Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Bachelorthesis of Andreas Binder

Evaluation of Methods to Bypass Recent Antivirus Systems in Windows Environments
Bachelorthesis of David Maul

Using Blind Quantum Computing for Secure Computation on Untrusted Quantum Servers
Bachelorthesis of Fiona Fröhler

Automatic Compartmentalization of Rust Programs to Simplify Software Development with AMD SEV
Bachelorthesis of Thomas Nibler

Learning the Correct Usage of Cryptographic APIs for Misuse Detection
Bachelorthesis of Phuong Anh Nguyen

Development of a Network Intrusion Detection Demonstrator for Industrial Control Systems
Bachelorthesis of Fabian Pröbstle

Remote Attestation of Dynamic Software Stacks
Masterthesis of Xingxing Zhou

An Infrastructure for Verifiable Sensitive Data Processing
Masterthesis of Jonas Mayer

A Systematization of Privacy Requirements for Cloud-Based Services
Masterthesis of Eray Tufan

Virtualization-Assisted User Space Heap Hardening
Bachelorthesis of Simon Schnückel

Comparison of Trusted Execution Environments for Attestation of Dynamic Software Stacks
Bachelorthesis of Andrei-Cosmin Aprodu

Building and evaluating high-interaction RDP honeypots
Bachelorthesis of Kevin Schneider

Black-Box Reverse Engineering and Feature Comparison of AV Engines
Bachelorthesis of Arxhend Zariqi

Anomaly Detection Aided by Generative Models
Masterthesis of Vadim Goryainov

Mitigation for the Method Confusion Attack on Bluetooth
Bachelorthesis of Fabian Wührer

Defenses Against Adversarial Policies
Guided Research of Pavel Czempin

Usage Control Enforcement for Linux-based embedded Systems
Masterthesis of Samy El Deib

Integrating Privacy Methods into the Software Development Lifecycle
Masterthesis of Jonas Freudenstein

On the Impact of Man-in-the-middle Attack on Bluetooth
Masterthesis of Ulrich Fourier

Assessing Privacy in Cloud Services - Measurements and Approaches
Bachelorthesis of Kevin-Florian Su

Malicious manipulations of CAM Software in Additive Manufacturing using Desktop 3D Printer Software
Bachelorthesis of Berk Güler

A survey of state of the art trusted platforms in comparison with Intel TXT
Masterthesis of Albert Stark

Modelling the Impact of the iOS Runtime on Data Flows in Applications
Masterthesis of Leonhard Kurthen

Forkbeard: A Modern and General Approach Towards TOFU
Masterthesis of Maximilian Tschirschnitz

Implementation of Attribute-Based Encryption in Rust on ARM Cortex M Processors
Bachelorthesis of Daniel Bücheler

Development of a Testbed to Demonstrate Attacks on Emulated PLC Networks
Bachelorthesis of Victor Embacher

Secure and Private Multi-Party Event Detection
Bachelorthesis of Leo Stewen

Preventing Unsafe Numeric Operations in Rust
Bachelorthesis of Dominik Stolz

Collecting Large-Scale High-Quality Audio Datasets for Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Bachelorthesis of Simon Roschmann

Fuzz Testing Virtualized Environments
Bachelorthesis of Florian Freund

Migration of Operating System Containers in Secure Encrypted Virtual Machines
Masterthesis of Joana Pecholt

Improving Performance of Blackbox and Coverage-Guided Fuzzing Using Modified System Calls
Bachelorthesis of Axel Strodel

Measuring the Linux Kernel Attack Surface
Bachelorthesis of Petra Peuker

Interactive Visualization of the Linux Kernel Code Property Graph for Security Analysis
Guided Research of Tobias Holl

Audio Adversarial Examples: Detection
Guided Research of Mykhailo Kulakov

Offset Sensitivity in Speaker Recognition Systems
Guided Research of Tom Dörr

Fault-tolerant Memory Safety with LLVM
Masterthesis of Benjamin Orthen

Typestates Learning from Code-Property Graphs
Masterthesis of Dmytro Honcharevskyi

Specializing Operating System Kernels at Runtime
Masterthesis of Johannes Wiesböck

Fingerprinting Encrypted Virtual Machines Utilizing the Hypervisor Interfaces
Masterthesis of Maximilian Rickheit

Using SEV-SNP Remote Attestation to Establish a TLS Connection
Bachelorthesis of Matthias Helmut Griebl

Selective Jamming of Bluetooth
Bachelorthesis of Kristina Magnussen

Benchmarking Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman Implementations
Bachelorthesis of Jonas Hagg

Secure Communication Between Enclaves in the Keystone Platform
Bachelorthesis of Erick Ruben Quintanar Salas

Sanitizer Crash Bucketing for Fuzzing
Masterthesis of Sandro Bauer

Simulation and Analysis of Fault Injection focusing on the difference through the Instruction Set Architecture
Bachelorthesis of Pauline Laßmann

Emulating Linux based IoT firmware for empirical security analysis
Bachelorthesis of Felix Christ

Integration of User Interaction into the Analysis of iOS Applications
Bachelorthesis of Emir Besic

Defending Network Intrusion Detection Systems against Adversarial Machine Learning Attacks
Masterthesis of Alexander Skripnik

Applications of Model Checking to Code Property Graphs
Masterthesis of Thomas Bellebaum

Compliance-driven cyber risk analysis of industrial assets within the civil aircraft industry
Masterthesis of Justin Möhlmann

Impact of quantum computers on automotive security and possible mitigations
Masterthesis of Oliver Scheit

Fuzzing Proprietary Kernel Components in Linux Based Firmware
Masterthesis of Leonhard Stemplinger

Robust Physical Attacks on Neural Networks
Bachelorthesis of Paul Andrei Sava

Exploiting and Hardening Unikernel Heap Allocators
Bachelorthesis of Fabian Stemmler

A Checkpoint Management System for Embedded Distributed Systems based on the L4 Fiasco.OC and the Genode OS Framework
Bachelorthesis of Kevin Burton

Transfering Visual Deepfake Detection Methods to Audio Spoof Detection
Guided Research of Roman Umberto Canals

Enhancing a general Secure Software Development Lifecycle for Hosted Solutions
Masterthesis of Felix Lange

An Adversarial Detection Model for Different Data Types
Masterthesis of Melissa Paul

Development of a secure ad-hoc wireless network protocol based on bluetooth low energy
Masterthesis of Jan Luca Pawlik

Detection of Misuse and Malicious Behaviours through an Emotion Analysis System - Speech
Bachelorthesis of Georgi Hrusanov

Emotion Detection Analysis - Face and Gesture
Bachelorthesis of Ivan Stoyanov

Application Attack Surface Reduction on the System Call Interface
Bachelorthesis of Yi He

Making incomplete code compilable
Bachelorthesis of Fabian Braun

Dynamic Optimizations for Symbolic Execution
Bachelorthesis of Frederico Santos


Access Delegation using Proxy Re-Encryption
Bachelorthesis of Leon Beckmann

Verifizieren der realen Anwendbarkeit von verbreiteten Bluetooth Sicherheitslücken
Guided Research of Maximilian Tschirschnitz

Rückkopplungsgesteuerte Aktivierungsanalyse
Guided Research of Melissa Paul

Softwaresicherheitsvorkehrungen in der Praxis: Eine Analyse weit verbreiteter Software
Guided Research of Katharina Bogad

Privacy-Preserving Distributed Learning Techniques
Masterthesis of Katharina Emde

Language Dependencies in Generating Audio Adversarial Attacks
Masterthesis of Donika Mirdita

Real or Fake: a Technique to Detect Manipulated Images
Masterthesis of Hongjia Wan

Securing OS-level virtualized Systems using hardware features
Bachelorthesis of Maximilian Emanuel Peisl

Identity Escrow in Self-Sovereign Identity Systems
Bachelorthesis of Johannes Späth

Efficient Decoding of Gabidulin Codes for the RQC NIST Proposal
Bachelorthesis of Johannes Kunz

Evaluation and Analysis of Timing Leakage from Hardware Accelerators embedded in Wireless IoT Microcontrollers
Bachelorthesis of Pascal Goldbrunner

Smart Home - A Thread to Privacy?
Bachelorthesis of Patrik Neu

Offensive Security of Bluetooth Audio Devices
Bachelorthesis of Arian Sebastian Mehmanesh

Deepfake Detection Using Sequential Models
Masterthesis of Andrea Turcanová

Extracting ICS Models From Malware Via Concolic Analysis
Masterthesis of Fabian Kilger

RkNN query on encrypted multi-dimensional data using the Paillier cryptosystem and OPE
Masterthesis of Ursula Rieger

KNN on Encrypted Geospatial Data
Masterthesis of Julia Dahmen

Range Query over Encrypted Geospatial Data
Masterthesis of Ramona Sabrina Brückl

Hardening the Linux Kernel Slab Allocator
Masterthesis of Marius Momeu

Searching over an Encrypted Collection of Documents Using Attribute-Based Encryption
Masterthesis of Youdan Zhang

Hack to the Future: Development and Applications of a Timeless Debugger in Rust
Masterthesis of Stefan Huber

Extending Compiler-Based Security Checks for C Programs
Bachelorthesis of Clemens Horn

From Explainability to Robustness in Machine Learning based Malware Detection
Masterthesis of Joao Balisa Neto

Modular Greybox Fuzzing
Masterthesis of Moritz Oettle

Platform Independant Information-Flow Control for C/C++
Masterthesis of Emanuel Vintila

Improving OS-Level Virtualization Security by Syscall Interface Reduction
Masterthesis of Florian Jakobsmeier

Code Virtualization for Software Protection: Analysis and Countermeasures
Masterthesis of Ludwig Peuckert

Active Physical Layer Security
Guided Research of Leon Wenning

Life Long Learning on Language Models and its Robustness
Masterthesis of Danial Raza

Threat Modeling Serverless Architectures
Bachelorthesis of Nico Fechtner

Layered Android Malware Detection Using Program Dependence Graph Embedding and Manifest Features
Masterthesis of Asbat El Khairi

Cryptographic Basis for Data Privacy
Bachelorthesis of Anastassiya Kutafina

Design and Implementation of a Standards-compliant Trust Negotiation Framework for Decentralised, Self-sovereign Identity Systems
Masterthesis of Markus Voggenreiter

Showing the Absence of Integer Overflows in ARM Binaries by applying Abstract Interpretation
Masterthesis of Leon Wenning

Visualization Methods for Adversarial Examples
Masterthesis of Romain Parracone

Program Slicing on Code Property Graphs
Bachelorthesis of Eric Armbruster

Automated Fuzz Target Generation for C Libraries
Bachelorthesis of Jonas Bogenberger

Augmented Reality Visualization of Attacks on IoT Systems
Masterthesis of Jonas Benedikt Erasmus

Leveraging hardware-assisted TEEs to protect host secrets in an OS-level virtualization environment
Masterthesis of Martin Radev

Data-Flow Analysis using Synchronized Pushdown Systems on Code Property Graphs
Bachelorthesis of Yuling Sun

Analyzing and Improving code and data integrity in an OS-level virtualization solution
Bachelorthesis of Felix Gust

On the robustness of Active Learning Models against Data Poisoning
Bachelorthesis of Roman Canals

Automated Testing of Security Requirements
Bachelorthesis of Emin Mrkonja

Designing Policy Enforcement Systems in Cloud Environments
Masterthesis of Markus Hinz

Leveraging Weighted Pushdown Systems for Taint Analysis of iOS Applications
Masterthesis of Florian Walter

forkever: A Framework for testing and exploiting programs
Bachelorthesis of Jasper Rühl

Privacy-preserving access control for a blockchain-based distributed key-management system
Masterthesis of Erik Pohle

Collection, Summary and Evaluation of different Approaches for C++ Binary Analysis
Bachelorthesis of Alina Weber-Hohengrund


Static Analysis of iOS Applications using Supergraphs
Bachelorthesis of Christian Presa Schnell

Developing secure storage for the Keystone Enclave
Bachelorthesis of Benedikt Kopf

Deep Learning Techniques for Side-Channel Analysis
Guided Research of Varun Bahl

Introducing CFI into the Linux Kernel
Masterthesis of Charlie Pascal Groh

Code Execution Attacks against Encrypted Virtual Machines
Masterthesis of Marko Dorfhuber

Robust Audio Adversarial Examples
Bachelorthesis of Tom Dörr

Security measures and attacks on video game consoles by the example of the playstation 4
Bachelorthesis of Florian Kasten

Robust graph-based static code analysis
Bachelorthesis of Samuel Hopstock

Evaluation of Outsourced Private Set Intersection
Bachelorthesis of Paul Rieger

Secure Bootstrap of the Trust Anchor Network for Sealed Cloud Systems
Masterthesis of Jaro Fietz

Binary Tomography: Understanding Binaries through Dynamic Data Flow Visualization
Masterthesis of Johann Alban Schöpfer

Detecting Adversarial Examples for Neural Networks
Bachelorthesis of David Glavas

RISC-V ISA Extension for Control Flow Integrity
Bachelorthesis of Leander Seidlitz - Mail: leander.seidlitz@tum.de

Machine Learning for Android Malware Detection in an Adversarial Environment
Guided Research of Donika Mirdita

Designing privacy-preserving edge services in the automotive domain
Masterthesis of Immanuel Kunz

Graph Anomaly Detection in an Adversarial Environment
Bachelorthesis of Michael Blind

Memory Corruption Exploits on RISC-V
Bachelorthesis of Maximilian Rickheit

Constant Parameterized Binary Function Identification
Bachelorthesis of Leonhard Kurthen

Time-based Evolution of Malware Behavior in Sandboxes
Masterthesis of Alexander Küchler

Development and Analysis of a VIRTIO PCI Host- and Guest-Driver for VirtualBox
Bachelorthesis of Dominik Weiß

Learning on a budget from multiple experts
Bachelorthesis of Armin Mesic

Runtime verification mechanisms applied on enclaves
Masterthesis of Daniel Schneider

Authenticated delay-based geolocation validation of cloud resources
Masterthesis of Jawad Tahir

A Longitudinal Study on WebAssembly
Bachelorthesis of Christopher Pfefferle

Static Reverse Engineering of WebAssembly Binaries
Bachelorthesis of Benedikt Werner

Decentralised Access Control using Advanced Attribute-Based Delegation in Open Directory Services
Masterthesis of Andreas Ebner

Evaluating defense strategies for facial recognition systems
Bachelorthesis of Hendrik Pauthner

Sticky File Shares: Fingerprinting SMB-Honeypots on the Internet
Bachelorthesis of Lion Steger

A Data-flow Engine for Rust: Analyzing Security Critical Programs
Bachelorthesis of Andreas Vollert

Malware Detection with hybrid Control Flow Graph and Graph Embedding
Masterthesis of Youyi Zhang


Semantics-Aware Neural Network-Based Malware Classificaton Model
Masterthesis of Gehrig Matthias

Analysis of the Wireless Security of an Insulin Pump System
Masterthesis of Nicolas Benes

Enhancing Security of Modern Linux Containers
Bachelorthesis of Charlie Groh

Garbled Circuit Generation for Private Set Intersection
Bachelorthesis of Erik Pohle

Backward-Edge Protection against Code Reuse Attacks on Embedded MIPS Devices
Bachelorthesis of Fuchs Franz Anton

Testbed zur Generierung von Feldbusdaten
Bachelorthesis of Mathias Mayer

Adversarial Machine Learning on Capsule Theory
Masterthesis of Andreas Hörmandinger

Compiler-Based Protection of Pointers Against Partial Overwrites
Masterthesis of Marcel Schumacher

Taint Analysis of x86 Machine Code
Masterthesis of Felix Wruck

Implementation and Security Assessment of a Wireless Sensor Network
Bachelorthesis of Philippe Buschmann

Design and Implementation of a High-Level Toolkit for Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Bachelorthesis of Kilian Thomas

Forward and Backward Privacy in Dynamic Searchable Encryption
Bachelorthesis of Ludwig Timo

Review of Kernel-level ASLR protection in the context of ACPI
Bachelorthesis of Bogad Katharina

Development of a Semantic Threat Modeling and Analysis Framework
Bachelorthesis of Xingxing Zhuo

Cost-aware Feature Acquisition for Anomaly Detection in Sequences
Guided Research of Awad Arsany

Safety and Security for Ethernet-based Visual Servoing Systems under hard Real-time Constraints
Masterthesis of Fabian Franzen

VtRoCHAP - Read-only memory and class hierarchy based protection of binaries against vtable hijacking attacks
Bachelorthesis of Edelmann Michael

Source Code and Backward Edge-based Protection Against Advanced Code Reuse Attacks
Bachelorthesis of Matthias Neumayer

Avoiding smart contract vulnerabilities: An inter-contract concolic execution framework for Ethereum contracts
Masterthesis of Konrad Weiss

Framework for Automated Construction of Object-Oriented Code Reuse Attacks
Bachelorthesis of Richard Viehoever

MA: Dynamic Program Slicing of Machine Code in the Context of Security
Masterthesis of Mihai Dutescu

HardExVTD - Hardware extended defense mechanism against Virtual Table Hijacking attacks
Masterthesis of Matei Pavaluca

Graph Similarity Search for Anomaly Detection based on Feature Hashing
Masterthesis of Gani Qinami

Beyond Heuristics: Learning to predict vulnerability, severity and exploits
Masterthesis of Ahmad Mursaleen

Hypervisor Development Dedicated for Virtual Machine Introspection
Bachelorthesis of Christopher Roemheld

Analyzing the Robustness of Memory Augmented Neural Networks
Masterthesis of Daniel Kowatsch

Avoiding smart contract vulnerabilities: An inter-contract concolic execution framework for Ethereum contracts
Masterthesis of Konrad Weiss

CharWars: A New Heap
Masterthesis of Clemens Jonischkeit

Data Flow Analysis of EVM Smart Contracts
Masterthesis of Ece Kubilay


micro SIDH: Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellmann Key Exchange on Microcontrollers
Bachelorthesis of Eduard Pop

Runtime Protection Against Bad Object Casts in C++ Programs with LLVM
Bachelorthesis of Sebastian Wuerl

Automated Packer Classification
Bachelorthesis of Ulrich Fourier

Coverage-guided fuzzing of USB Drivers
Bachelorthesis of

Practical Symbolic Execution of Android Bytecode
Bachelorthesis of Peter Greth

Understanding and Detecting Virtualization-based Analysis Environments on ARM
Bachelorthesis of Florian Jakobsmeier

Flow-based Usage Control in Distrib
Masterthesis of Hamed Rasifard

A Practical Approach on Automated Error-Repairing Crowd-Sourced Java Code
Masterthesis of Christopher Will

Enhancing Function Identification by Processing Call Traces
Bachelorthesis of David Leiter

Automatic Categorisation of Android Apps
Bachelorthesis of Felix Wielander

LLVM-Based Generic Deobfuscation to Enhance Analysis of Machine Code
Masterthesis of Markus Blöchl

A Scalable Framework to Automate Advanced Malware Analytics
Masterthesis of Christan von Pentz

Discovery and evaluation of malware distribution through advertisements om adult entertainment websites
Guided Research of Christian von Pentz

SAURON - Advanced Monitoring of Distributed Components
Bachelorthesis of Maximilian Schott

Improving the performance of data capturing in binary applications by reducing the traffic to the database.
Masterthesis of Chetan Basuray

Privacy-preserving Linear Models over Homomorphically Encrypted Data
Bachelorthesis of Melissa Paul

Identifying User Actions in Encrypted Communication of Messenger Applications
Bachelorthesis of Albert Stark

In-Depth Analysis of the PE32 Rich Header and its use in Superwised Malware Triage
Masterthesis of Timo Geissler

A Case Study of Service-Oriented Software-Architectures
Bachelorthesis of Oliver Prater

Optimization of an decoding algorithm for RM-codes based on concatenation
Bachelorthesis of Lukas Sandmeir

Prozesse und Tooling von Zertifizierungsstellen
Bachelorthesis of Markus Voggenreiter

Analysis and Evaluation of Binary Exploitation Mitigation Techniques
Masterthesis of Martin Steil

Longterm protection of authenticated communication with embedded systems
Bachelorthesis of Andreas Knipl


Continuous Behavioral User Authentication on Mobile Devices using Online Machine Learning
Bachelorthesis of Antonia Hüfner

Application Debugging using Virtual Machine Introspection
Masterthesis of Hannes Laner

A Stealth Userspace Debugger Using Virtual Machine Introspection
Masterthesis of Benjamin Schagerl

Developer driven Injection of Security Functionality into Android Apps
Bachelorthesis of Lukas Heinzmann

Distributed Configuration API for dynamic certification of Cloud services
Bachelorthesis of Victoria Simon

Machine Learning Techniques in Detection of Malicious Web Traffic
Masterthesis of Ching-Yu Kao

Bytecode-level dynamic taint analysis of Android applications
Bachelorthesis of Alexander Küchler

Side-channel attacks against white-box cryptography implementations on Android
Bachelorthesis of Michael Eder

Semi-Supervised Opinion Spam Detection
Masterthesis of Muhammad Bilal Javed

Neural Network-based Malware Classification
Masterthesis of Ghadir Eraisha

Key Management for Distributed Storage Systems
Masterthesis of Felix Engelmann

Android Activity Flow Reconstruction and Visualization
Bachelorthesis of Konrad Weiss

Machine Code Obfuscation via Instruction Set Reduction and Control Flow Graph Linearization: Analysis and Countermeasures
Bachelorthesis of Clemens Jonischkeit

Forensic Analysis utilizing Virtualization On-the-Fly
Masterthesis of Sergej Proskurin

Automated Transformation of Android-Bytecode to Native C-Code
Masterthesis of Arndt Peter

Automated and targeted execution of Android Apps via bytecode instumentation
Masterthesis of Anshul Vij

Continuous Testing of Software as a Service Using Web Application Test Methods
Masterthesis of Koosha Khajehmoogahi

Automatisierte Transformation von Android-Bytecode zu nativem C-Code
Masterthesis of Peter Arndt

Automated and Targeted Execution of Android Apps via Byte Code Instrumentation
Masterthesis of Anshul Vij

Continuous Testing of Software-as-a-Service Using Web Application Test Methods
Masterthesis of Koosha Khajehmoogahi

Detecting und Rating Malware Relationships using Machine Learning
Bachelorthesis of Donika Mirdita

Security Analysis of Bus and Firmware Attacks on USB Devices
Masterthesis of Peter Schneider

Library Detection in Android Applications Packages
Masterthesis of Michael Lux

Runtime protection against advanced code reuse attacks by static instrumentation of binaries
Masterthesis of Matthias Fischer

Towards Manipulation of Web Crawlers
Masterthesis of Chandra Shekhar

Code Pointer Examination in Modern Browsers
Bachelorthesis of Felix Wruck

Evaluating Code Pointer Examination in modern browsers
Bachelorthesis of Felix Wruck


Evaluation of the iOS security concept with a focus on code signing
Bachelorthesis of Aleksander Umov

Kryptographische Methoden in hochentwickelter Malware
Bachelorthesis of Sebastian Lehrbaum

Evaluation des iOS Sicherheitskonzeptes mit Fokus auf Codesignierung
Bachelorthesis of Aleksander Umov

Development of a Framework for the Deployment of Anomaly Detection Techniques in Cloud Infrastructures and Services
Masterthesis of Amin Chawki

Automated Obfuscation of Android Applications
Bachelorthesis of Nikolai Kircher

Binderwall: Monitoring and Filtering Android Interprocess Communication
Masterthesis of Constanze Hausner

Quiet Keys for Lightweight Block Ciphers
Bachelorthesis of Maria Möbius

Validation of code integrity of userspace applications for control flow integrity
Bachelorthesis of Richard von Seck

Quiet keys for leightweight blockcyphers
Bachelorthesis of Maria Möbius

Distributed Services for Large Scale Dynamic Malware Analysis
Bachelorthesis of Christian von Pentz

Security Testen von Steuergeräten im automobilen Bereich am Beispiel von Schnittstellenprotokollen und XCP
Masterthesis of Manuel Schmidt

Incremental One-Class Support Vector Machine with Minor Supervised Labels
Masterthesis of Dieu Linh Tran

Security Testing of electronic control units in vehicular domain using the example of interface protocols and XCP
Masterthesis of Manuel Schmidt

Security Analysis of Bus and Firmware Attacks on USB Devices
Masterthesis of Peter Schneider

Simulation Framework for Security Evaluations in Automotive Networks
Masterthesis of Simon Dieterle

Simulation Framework for Security Evaluations in Automotive Networks
Masterthesis of Dieu Linh Tran

Implementation and Evaluation of Placing Algorithms for FPGAs
Masterthesis of Chistian Sternecker

Simulation Framework for Security Evaluations in Automotive Networks
Masterthesis of Simon Dieterle

Client-side cheat detection in games using machine learning
Bachelorthesis of Mai Ton Nu Cam

Semi-Automated Detection of Sanitization, Authentication and Declassification Errors in UML State Charts
Masterthesis of Adnan Rabbi

Client-side cheat detection in games using machine learning
Bachelorthesis of Mai Ton Nu Cam

Automatic Detection, Localization and Removal of Information Exposure Errors
Masterthesis of Vasantha K. Kommanapalli

Code Integrity Validation für Windows
Bachelorthesis of Michael Kubitza

Theoretical Security Analysis of the Smart Grid Protocol IEC 61850 with Security Extension IEC 62351
Masterthesis of Maximilian Strobel

Code Integrity Validation for Windows
Bachelorthesis of Michael Kubitza

Implemetation Security of the Networking und Cryptography library
Bachelorthesis of Lars Wüstrich


Revealing Previously Unknown Malicious Domains leveraging DNS and WHOIS Data
Masterthesis of Christian Köpp

Dynamic System Call Translation between Virtual Machines
Bachelorthesis of Jonas Jelten

Automatisierte Deobfuskation von Android Apps
Masterthesis of Hannes Schulz

Automatisiertes Audit einer Cloud‐Umgebung
Masterthesis of Alexander Wittmann

Sicherheitsanalyse und Implementierung des Authentifikationsverfahrens SQRL
Bachelorthesis of Karol Babioch

Design and Implementation of a Software Security Dashboard for Continuous Integration Environments
Masterthesis of Philip Simon

Evaluation of Browser Technologies with Respect to the Security of the User
Bachelorthesis of Julian Kirsch

Security Evaluation of OpenFlow-enabled Network Devices
Bachelorthesis of Michael Kratzer

Concept Learner for CorMeL Transaction Trees in Amadeus Data Processing Systems
Masterthesis of Heeren Sharma

Numerical Stability and Scalability of Secure Private Linear Programming
Bachelorthesis of Raphael Arias

Robust Online Confidence-Weighted Learning in Adversarial Environment
Masterthesis of Gennady Shabanov

Searchable Encryption in Apache Lucene
Bachelorthesis of Andreas Greimel

Anomaly Detection in the SDN Control Plane
Masterthesis of Vincent Sommer

Proxy-based State Analysis of Web Applications
Masterthesis of Simon Bastian

Infrastructures of Browser-based Botnets
Bachelorthesis of Ulrich Gallersdörfer

Comparing functions using static binary code analysis on data structures
Bachelorthesis of André Kupka


Hypervisor Fuzzing
Guided Research of

AntiPatterns bei der Anwendung von Crypto-Primitiven am Beispiel von Ransomware
Masterthesis of

Intra-Kernel Isolation
Guided Research of

Secure Set Operations using Garbled Circuits
Masterthesis of