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Student Work

The open topics found on this page are not an exhaustive list of all possible topics. If you want to suggest a topic yourself or if you are interested in other topics available in one of our research areas, please contact us directly.

Open Topics

MA: Bewertungsmetrik für Zertifizierungsstellen
MA: Self-adaptive, continuous certification of cloud services
MA: Search over encrypted data using Attribute-Based Encryption
BA: Security video game consoles
MA: Deepfake Detection Using Sequential Models
MA: Distributed Privacy-Preserving Learning Techniques

Work in Progress

MA: Design and Implementation of a Standards-compliant Trust Negotiation Framework for Decentralised, Self-sovereign Identity Systems
BA: A Longitudinal Study on WebAssembly
BA: Static Reverse Engineering of WebAssembly Binaries
BA: Robust graph-based static code analysis
BA: Evaluation of Outsourced Private Set Intersection
BA: Comparison of video gaming console security architectures by the example of Nintendo Switch and Wii U
BA: Static Analysis of iOS Applications using Supergraphs
BA: Developing secure storage for the Keystone Enclave
MA: Decentralised Access Control using Advanced Attribute-Based Delegation in Open Directory Services
MA: From Explainability to Robustness in Machine Learning based Malware Detection
GR: Deep Learning Techniques for Side-Channel Analysis
BA: Function Matching using Call Graph Heuristics on Binaries
MA: On-the-Fly Virtualization of Virtual Machines
BA: Threat Modeling Serverless Architectures
BA: Improving the Usability and Effectiveness of Cold Boot Mitigations on Linux
MA: Modular Greybox Fuzzing
BA: Sticky File Shares: Fingerprinting SMB-Honeypots on the Internet
BA: A Data-flow Engine for Rust: Analyzing Security Critical Programs
MA: Runtime verification mechanisms applied on enclaves
MA: Authenticated delay-based geolocation validation of cloud resources
BA: Development of a co-simulation framework for attack-generation in building automation
BA: Automated Fuzz Target Generation for C Libraries
MA: Improving OS-Level Virtualization Security by Syscall Interface Reduction
MA: Code Virtualization for Software Protection: Analysis and Countermeasures
MA: Attacks against AMD SEV
MA: Platform Independant Information-Flow Control for C/C++
BA: Cryptographic Basis for Data Privacy
GR: Active Physical Layer Security
MA: Detecting Zero-Day Android Malware by Leveraging Embedded Program Dependence Graphs and Manifest Features

Finished Work


Introducing CFI into the Linux Kernel
Masterthesis of Charlie Pascal Groh

Code Execution Attacks against Encrypted Virtual Machines
Masterthesis of Marko Dorfhuber

Robust Audio Adversarial Examples
Bachelorthesis of Tom Dörr

Security measures and attacks on video game consoles by the example of the playstation 4
Bachelorthesis of Florian Kasten

Secure Bootstrap of the Trust Anchor Network for Sealed Cloud Systems
Masterthesis of Jaro Fietz

Binary Tomography: Understanding Binaries through Dynamic Data Flow Visualization
Masterthesis of Johann Alban Schöpfer

Detecting Adversarial Examples for Neural Networks
Bachelorthesis of David Glavas

RISC-V ISA Extension for Control Flow Integrity
Bachelorthesis of Leander Seidlitz - Mail: leander.seidlitz@tum.de

Machine Learning for Android Malware Detection in an Adversarial Environment
Guided Research of Donika Mirdita

Designing privacy-preserving edge services in the automotive domain
Masterthesis of Immanuel Kunz

Graph Anomaly Detection in an Adversarial Environment
Bachelorthesis of Michael Blind

Memory Corruption Exploits on RISC-V
Bachelorthesis of Maximilian Rickheit

Constant Parameterized Binary Function Identification
Bachelorthesis of Leonhard Kurthen

Time-based Evolution of Malware Behavior in Sandboxes
Masterthesis of Alexander Küchler

Development and Analysis of a VIRTIO PCI Host- and Guest-Driver for VirtualBox
Bachelorthesis of Dominik Weiß

Learning on a budget from multiple experts
Bachelorthesis of Armin Mesic

Evaluating defense strategies for facial recognition systems
Bachelorthesis of Hendrik Pauthner


Semantics-Aware Neural Network-Based Malware Classificaton Model
Masterthesis of Gehrig Matthias

Analysis of the Wireless Security of an Insulin Pump System
Masterthesis of Nicolas Benes

Enhancing Security of Modern Linux Containers
Bachelorthesis of Charlie Groh

Garbled Circuit Generation for Private Set Intersection
Bachelorthesis of Erik Pohle

Backward-Edge Protection against Code Reuse Attacks on Embedded MIPS Devices
Bachelorthesis of Fuchs Franz Anton

Testbed zur Generierung von Feldbusdaten
Bachelorthesis of Mathias Mayer

Adversarial Machine Learning on Capsule Theory
Masterthesis of Andreas Hörmandinger

Compiler-Based Protection of Pointers Against Partial Overwrites
Masterthesis of Marcel Schumacher

Taint Analysis of x86 Machine Code
Masterthesis of Felix Wruck

Implementation and Security Assessment of a Wireless Sensor Network
Bachelorthesis of Philippe Buschmann

Design and Implementation of a High-Level Toolkit for Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Bachelorthesis of Kilian Thomas

Forward and Backward Privacy in Dynamic Searchable Encryption
Bachelorthesis of Ludwig Timo

Review of Kernel-level ASLR protection in the context of ACPI
Bachelorthesis of Bogad Katharina

Development of a Semantic Threat Modeling and Analysis Framework
Bachelorthesis of Xingxing Zhuo

Cost-aware Feature Acquisition for Anomaly Detection in Sequences
Guided Research of Awad Arsany

Safety and Security for Ethernet-based Visual Servoing Systems under hard Real-time Constraints
Masterthesis of Fabian Franzen

Source Code and Backward Edge-based Protection Against Advanced Code Reuse Attacks
Bachelorthesis of Matthias Neumayer

Avoiding smart contract vulnerabilities: An inter-contract concolic execution framework for Ethereum contracts
Masterthesis of Konrad Weiss

Framework for Automated Construction of Object-Oriented Code Reuse Attacks
Bachelorthesis of Richard Viehoever

MA: Dynamic Program Slicing of Machine Code in the Context of Security
Masterthesis of Mihai Dutescu

HardExVTD - Hardware extended defense mechanism against Virtual Table Hijacking attacks
Masterthesis of Matei Pavaluca

Graph Similarity Search for Anomaly Detection based on Feature Hashing
Masterthesis of Gani Qinami

Beyond Heuristics: Learning to predict vulnerability, severity and exploits
Masterthesis of Ahmad Mursaleen

Hypervisor Development Dedicated for Virtual Machine Introspection
Bachelorthesis of Christopher Roemheld

Analyzing the Robustness of Memory Augmented Neural Networks
Masterthesis of Daniel Kowatsch

Avoiding smart contract vulnerabilities: An inter-contract concolic execution framework for Ethereum contracts
Masterthesis of Konrad Weiss

CharWars: A New Heap
Masterthesis of Clemens Jonischkeit

Data Flow Analysis of EVM Smart Contracts
Masterthesis of Ece Kubilay


micro SIDH: Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellmann Key Exchange on Microcontrollers
Bachelorthesis of Eduard Pop

Runtime Protection Against Bad Object Casts in C++ Programs with LLVM
Bachelorthesis of Sebastian Wuerl

Automated Packer Classification
Bachelorthesis of Ulrich Fourier

Coverage-guided fuzzing of USB Drivers
Bachelorthesis of

Practical Symbolic Execution of Android Bytecode
Bachelorthesis of Peter Greth

Understanding and Detecting Virtualization-based Analysis Environments on ARM
Bachelorthesis of Florian Jakobsmeier

Flow-based Usage Control in Distrib
Masterthesis of Hamed Rasifard

A Practical Approach on Automated Error-Repairing Crowd-Sourced Java Code
Masterthesis of Christopher Will

Enhancing Function Identification by Processing Call Traces
Bachelorthesis of David Leiter

Automatic Categorisation of Android Apps
Bachelorthesis of Felix Wielander

LLVM-Based Generic Deobfuscation to Enhance Analysis of Machine Code
Masterthesis of Markus Blöchl

A Scalable Framework to Automate Advanced Malware Analytics
Masterthesis of Christan von Pentz

Discovery and evaluation of malware distribution through advertisements om adult entertainment websites
Guided Research of Christian von Pentz

SAURON - Advanced Monitoring of Distributed Components
Bachelorthesis of Maximilian Schott

Improving the performance of data capturing in binary applications by reducing the traffic to the database.
Masterthesis of Chetan Basuray

Privacy-preserving Linear Models over Homomorphically Encrypted Data
Bachelorthesis of Melissa Paul

Identifying User Actions in Encrypted Communication of Messenger Applications
Bachelorthesis of Albert Stark

In-Depth Analysis of the PE32 Rich Header and its use in Superwised Malware Triage
Masterthesis of Timo Geissler

A Case Study of Service-Oriented Software-Architectures
Bachelorthesis of Oliver Prater

Optimization of an decoding algorithm for RM-codes based on concatenation
Bachelorthesis of Lukas Sandmeir

Prozesse und Tooling von Zertifizierungsstellen
Bachelorthesis of Markus Voggenreiter

Analysis and Evaluation of Binary Exploitation Mitigation Techniques
Masterthesis of Martin Steil

Longterm protection of authenticated communication with embedded systems
Bachelorthesis of Andreas Knipl


Continuous Behavioral User Authentication on Mobile Devices using Online Machine Learning
Bachelorthesis of Antonia Hüfner

Application Debugging using Virtual Machine Introspection
Masterthesis of Hannes Laner

A Stealth Userspace Debugger Using Virtual Machine Introspection
Masterthesis of Benjamin Schagerl

Developer driven Injection of Security Functionality into Android Apps
Bachelorthesis of Lukas Heinzmann

Distributed Configuration API for dynamic certification of Cloud services
Bachelorthesis of Victoria Simon

Machine Learning Techniques in Detection of Malicious Web Traffic
Masterthesis of Ching-Yu Kao

Bytecode-level dynamic taint analysis of Android applications
Bachelorthesis of Alexander Küchler

Side-channel attacks against white-box cryptography implementations on Android
Bachelorthesis of Michael Eder

Semi-Supervised Opinion Spam Detection
Masterthesis of Muhammad Bilal Javed

Neural Network-based Malware Classification
Masterthesis of Ghadir Eraisha

Key Management for Distributed Storage Systems
Masterthesis of Felix Engelmann

Android Activity Flow Reconstruction and Visualization
Bachelorthesis of Konrad Weiss

Machine Code Obfuscation via Instruction Set Reduction and Control Flow Graph Linearization: Analysis and Countermeasures
Bachelorthesis of Clemens Jonischkeit

Forensic Analysis utilizing Virtualization On-the-Fly
Masterthesis of Sergej Proskurin

Automated Transformation of Android-Bytecode to Native C-Code
Masterthesis of Arndt Peter

Automated and targeted execution of Android Apps via bytecode instumentation
Masterthesis of Anshul Vij

Continuous Testing of Software as a Service Using Web Application Test Methods
Masterthesis of Koosha Khajehmoogahi

Automatisierte Transformation von Android-Bytecode zu nativem C-Code
Masterthesis of Peter Arndt

Automated and Targeted Execution of Android Apps via Byte Code Instrumentation
Masterthesis of Anshul Vij

Continuous Testing of Software-as-a-Service Using Web Application Test Methods
Masterthesis of Koosha Khajehmoogahi

Detecting und Rating Malware Relationships using Machine Learning
Bachelorthesis of Donika Mirdita

Security Analysis of Bus and Firmware Attacks on USB Devices
Masterthesis of Peter Schneider

Library Detection in Android Applications Packages
Masterthesis of Michael Lux

Runtime protection against advanced code reuse attacks by static instrumentation of binaries
Masterthesis of Matthias Fischer

Towards Manipulation of Web Crawlers
Masterthesis of Chandra Shekhar

Code Pointer Examination in Modern Browsers
Bachelorthesis of Felix Wruck

Evaluating Code Pointer Examination in modern browsers
Bachelorthesis of Felix Wruck


Evaluation of the iOS security concept with a focus on code signing
Bachelorthesis of Aleksander Umov

Kryptographische Methoden in hochentwickelter Malware
Bachelorthesis of Sebastian Lehrbaum

Evaluation des iOS Sicherheitskonzeptes mit Fokus auf Codesignierung
Bachelorthesis of Aleksander Umov

Development of a Framework for the Deployment of Anomaly Detection Techniques in Cloud Infrastructures and Services
Masterthesis of Amin Chawki

Automated Obfuscation of Android Applications
Bachelorthesis of Nikolai Kircher

Binderwall: Monitoring and Filtering Android Interprocess Communication
Masterthesis of Constanze Hausner

Quiet Keys for Lightweight Block Ciphers
Bachelorthesis of Maria Möbius

Validation of code integrity of userspace applications for control flow integrity
Bachelorthesis of Richard von Seck

Quiet keys for leightweight blockcyphers
Bachelorthesis of Maria Möbius

Distributed Services for Large Scale Dynamic Malware Analysis
Bachelorthesis of Christian von Pentz

Security Testen von Steuergeräten im automobilen Bereich am Beispiel von Schnittstellenprotokollen und XCP
Masterthesis of Manuel Schmidt

Incremental One-Class Support Vector Machine with Minor Supervised Labels
Masterthesis of Dieu Linh Tran

Security Testing of electronic control units in vehicular domain using the example of interface protocols and XCP
Masterthesis of Manuel Schmidt

Security Analysis of Bus and Firmware Attacks on USB Devices
Masterthesis of Peter Schneider

Simulation Framework for Security Evaluations in Automotive Networks
Masterthesis of Simon Dieterle

Simulation Framework for Security Evaluations in Automotive Networks
Masterthesis of Dieu Linh Tran

Implementation and Evaluation of Placing Algorithms for FPGAs
Masterthesis of Chistian Sternecker

Simulation Framework for Security Evaluations in Automotive Networks
Masterthesis of Simon Dieterle

Client-side cheat detection in games using machine learning
Bachelorthesis of Mai Ton Nu Cam

Semi-Automated Detection of Sanitization, Authentication and Declassification Errors in UML State Charts
Masterthesis of Adnan Rabbi

Client-side cheat detection in games using machine learning
Bachelorthesis of Mai Ton Nu Cam

Automatic Detection, Localization and Removal of Information Exposure Errors
Masterthesis of Vasantha K. Kommanapalli

Code Integrity Validation für Windows
Bachelorthesis of Michael Kubitza

Theoretical Security Analysis of the Smart Grid Protocol IEC 61850 with Security Extension IEC 62351
Masterthesis of Maximilian Strobel

Code Integrity Validation for Windows
Bachelorthesis of Michael Kubitza

Implemetation Security of the Networking und Cryptography library
Bachelorthesis of Lars Wüstrich


Revealing Previously Unknown Malicious Domains leveraging DNS and WHOIS Data
Masterthesis of Christian Köpp

Dynamic System Call Translation between Virtual Machines
Bachelorthesis of Jonas Jelten

Automatisierte Deobfuskation von Android Apps
Masterthesis of Hannes Schulz

Automatisiertes Audit einer Cloud‐Umgebung
Masterthesis of Alexander Wittmann

Sicherheitsanalyse und Implementierung des Authentifikationsverfahrens SQRL
Bachelorthesis of Karol Babioch

Design and Implementation of a Software Security Dashboard for Continuous Integration Environments
Masterthesis of Philip Simon

Evaluation of Browser Technologies with Respect to the Security of the User
Bachelorthesis of Julian Kirsch

Security Evaluation of OpenFlow-enabled Network Devices
Bachelorthesis of Michael Kratzer

Concept Learner for CorMeL Transaction Trees in Amadeus Data Processing Systems
Masterthesis of Heeren Sharma

Numerical Stability and Scalability of Secure Private Linear Programming
Bachelorthesis of Raphael Arias

Robust Online Confidence-Weighted Learning in Adversarial Environment
Masterthesis of Gennady Shabanov

Searchable Encryption in Apache Lucene
Bachelorthesis of Andreas Greimel

Anomaly Detection in the SDN Control Plane
Masterthesis of Vincent Sommer

Proxy-based State Analysis of Web Applications
Masterthesis of Simon Bastian

Infrastructures of Browser-based Botnets
Bachelorthesis of Ulrich Gallersdörfer

Comparing functions using static binary code analysis on data structures
Bachelorthesis of André Kupka


AntiPatterns bei der Anwendung von Crypto-Primitiven am Beispiel von Ransomware
Masterthesis of

Secure Set Operations using Garbled Circuits
Masterthesis of