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2021 Hybroid: Toward Android Malware Detectionand Categorization with Program Code and Network Traffic
Falcon: Malware Detection and Categorization with Network Traffic Images
HawkEye: Cross-Platform Malware Detection with Representation Learning on Graphs
2020 Detecting and Categorizing Android Malware with Graph Neural Networks
2019 MANIS: Evading Malware Detection System on Graph Structure
2018 Learning on a Budget for User Authentication on Mobile Devices
Hiding in the Shadows: Empowering ARM for Stealthy Virtual Machine Introspection
Follow the WhiteRabbit: Towards Consolidation of On-the-Fly Virtualization and Virtual Machine Introspection
Smashing the Stack Protector for Fun and Profit
2017 Hiding Behind the Shoulders of Giants: Abusing Crawlers for Indirect Web Attacks
Finding the Needle: A Study of the PE32 Rich Header and Respective Malware Triage
Empowering Convolutional Networks for Malware Classification and Analysis
Combating Control Flow Linearization
Towards Automated Classification of Firmware Images and Identification of Embedded Devices
2016 Deep Learning for Classification of Malware System Call Sequences
Leveraging Internet Services to Evade Censorship
SKALD: A Scalable Architecture for Feature Extraction, Multi-User Analysis, and Real-Time Information Sharing
Adaptive Semantics-Aware Malware Classification
Automated Dynamic Firmware Analysis at Scale: A Case Study on Embedded Web Interfaces
Neuralyzer: Flexible Expiration Times for the Revocation of Online Data
2015 Revealing the Relationship Network Behind Link Spam
2014 The Art of False Alarms in the Game of Deception: Leveraging Fake Honeypots for Enhanced Security
Automated Generation of Models for Fast and Precise Detection of HTTP-Based Malware
2013 k-subscription: Privacy-preserving Microblogging Browsing through Obfuscation
2012 B@bel: Leveraging Email Delivery for Spam Mitigation
2011 Understanding Fraudulent Activities in Online Ad Exchanges