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Malware Zoo

The Chair for IT security hosts a private malware zoo to support the research activities of our students and partnered organizations. The infrastructure supports the execution of static and dynamic analysis, gathering of data from partners such as Virustotal, and access to LRZ for statistical and Machine Learning operations. We welcome collaboration with academic researchers, R&D efforts from partner organizations, and individuals conducting defensive research that require infrstructure support. For information on how to access the Zoo, please contact Alexander Lüdtke.


Drakvuf Logs

The following logs are from the Drakvuf System tests conducted in 2015 by Tamas Lengyel. For more information about Drakvuf please visit drakvuf.com. Additionally, if you desire to use the files for academic research please use the following bibtext to cite the paper.

  1. analyzed.tar.gz
  2. dns.log.xz
  3. dravuf_results.tar.xz
  4. dump.tar.xz
  5. dump2.tar.gz
  6. dump3.tar.xz
  7. results25k.tar.xz