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An Adversarial Detection Model for Different Data Types

An Adversarial Detection Model for Different Data Types

Supervisor(s): Chingyu Kao, Karla Markert
Status: finished
Topic: Others
Author: Melissa Paul
Submission: 2021-10-15
Type of Thesis: Masterthesis
Thesis topic in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security AISEC, Garching


In recent years, the usage of face and voice recognition systems has increased greatly.

With this increase comes a growth in attacks on such systems, in particular adversarial

examples, and, hence, the need to defend against them.

This thesis investigates two approaches to detect adversarial examples in an unsupervised

setting. Both methods are independent of the given data type. On the basis of an existing

supervised two-part framework, we create an unsupervised two-part architecture. Depending

on the approach, one or multiple autoencoders are trained to detect adversarial examples based

on the hidden activations of a second neural network. We evaluate the approaches in terms of

detection rate and show that we can successfully detect adversarial examples generated by different

methods. Furthermore, we discuss why different adversarial example attack methods should be

detected using differently configured autoencoders.