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Quantum computing - Practical and theoretical analysis of selected algorithms

Quantum computing - Practical and theoretical analysis of selected algorithms  

Seminare 2 SWS / 5 ECTS
Veranstalter: Vivija Simić
Zeit und Ort:

Course lecturers: Barbora Hrdá and Vivija Simić

Mandatory preliminary online meeting: 8.2.21, 11 a.m. 

Slides from the preliminary meeting - updated 8.3.21



Beginn: 2021-02-08
Klausur: Scientific report and presenation

The lecture is given in german and english / Die Veranstaltung wird in Deutsch und Englisch gehalten


In this seminar practical and theoretical aspects of quantum computing and post-quantum algorithms will be explained and analyzed. The goal is to understand the most important methods in quantum computing and to shed light on the security implications for cryptological methods.


  • strong mathematical background 
  • good Python skills
  • mandatory participation in the preliminary meeting
  • registration via the matching tool


  • improving scientific writing skills
  • improving professional presentations
  • enhancing theoretical and practical security skills


Part I: Quantum Computing

  • Quantum Teleportation - Explanation of the mode of operation using a practical implementation in Qiskit
  • Amplitude Amplification using the example of the implementation of a simple Grover search algorithm in Qiskit
  • Quantum Fourier Transformation and its significance for the Shor's algorithm
  • IT protection goals in Quantum Computing: Measures to protect integrity and confidentiality

Part II: Post-Quantum Cryptology

  • Lattice-based encryption methods
  • Methods based on mutlivariate polynomials
  • Signature methods based on cryptological hash functions
  • Encryption methods based on error correcting codes

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