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Selected Topics of Secure Operating Systems

Selected Topics of Secure Operating Systems  

Seminare 2 SWS / 5 ECTS
Veranstalter: Fabian Franzen
Zeit und Ort:


Monika Huber - monika.huber@aisec.fraunhofer.de

Albert Stark - albert.stark@aisec.fraunhofer.de

Vincent Ahlrichs - vincent.ahlrichs@aisec.fraunhofer.de



  • Time and location Preliminary meeting: Thursday, 14.07.2022 15:00-16:00 (remotely via: https://bbb.in.tum.de/alb-xnk-q6f-i86)  -> Slides / PDF
  • Kickoff: Tuesday, 23.08.2022 13:00-14:00 (remotely)
  • Submission deadline for table of content: Monday, 10.10.2022 23:59
  • Graceful dropout: Monday, 24.10.2022
  • Submission deadline for first version of paper for review: Monday, 05.12.2022 23:59
  • Submission deadline for reviews: Monday, 19.12.2022 23:59
  • Submission deadline for final version of the paper: Wednesday, 11.1.2023 23:59
  • Submission deadline for presentation slides: Wednesday, 18.1.2023 23:59
  • Dates for paper presentations: 24.-26.01.2023 (on-site at Fraunhofer AISEC)

The lecture is given in english
The slides are available in english



Bachelor/Master Seminar: Selected Topics of Secure Operating Systems

Leiter*in Frau Prof. Claudia Eckert

Vortragende*r (Mitwirkende*r): Albert Stark, Monika Huber, Vincent Ahlrichs

Art: Seminar (SE)

Semester weekly hours: 2

Unterrichtssprache/n: English (main), German


Secure Operating Systems is a diverse field of research, including the deployment, hardening, testing and development.

Operating Systems, and the underlying hardware, are often required to provide a secure platform for applications without much overhead for the application developer. 

In this seminar, we will explore current topics of research in this diverse field. The format is intended to represent an academic conference including paper writing, submission, review, rebuttal, revision, presentation, and discussion.

Possible topic areas include:

  • TPM
  • Confidential Computing
  • Kubernetes Security
  • Fuzzing
  • Security for L4-Microkernel

Students are welcome to suggest own topics.

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen

Prior knowledge in the area of IT security, operating systems and computer architecture.


  • Preparing and writing a scientific paper in LaTeX (English, 9-10 pages IEEE)
  • Presenting a scientific topic (German/English): 30 minutes + 15 minutes discussion
  • Review of papers from other course members
  • Active participation

Lehr- und Lernmethode

The slides are available in English. The report and slides need to be in English. The presentation can be held in English or German, depending on the group.

Teilnahmekriterien und Anmeldung

Please register via the matching tool. It is possible to sign off the course until 24.10.2022.
All interested students need to send an e-mail to the organizers (monika.huber@aisec.fraunhofer.de, vincent.ahlrichs@aisec.fraunhofer.de) until 25.7.22 23:59 informing about their wish to join the seminar, up to 3 favorite topics from the topic list and optionally some motivation and background.