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Operational Technology Security

Operational Technology Security  

Seminare 2 SWS / 5 ECTS
Veranstalter: Fabian Franzen
Zeit und Ort:

Preliminary Meeting: Friday, 08.07.2022 / 12.15 h


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The lecture is given in english
The slides are available in english
The exam will be in english

# Seminar *Operational Technology Security*


The seminar will be held in English and is offered in cooperation with Fraunhofer AISEC:

Michael Heinl

Sebastian Peters

Nikolai Puch






## Description


Operational Technology (OT) is a broad term for software and hardware used to monitor or control physical environments, like industrial control systems, building management systems, and energy production. In the course of the fourth industrial revolution, corporations are increasingly dependent on connecting IT and OT to successfully fulfill their mission. Attacks on those systems and the networks incorporating them are therefore constantly on the rise. Due to their capability to physically interact with their environment, the impact of such an attack can be potentially hazardous. Although especially discussed in the context of the so-called "Industry 4.0", the employment of OT is not limited to manufacturing. Rather, sectors like energy, water supply, transportation, and science are affected as well.


This seminar deals with various security aspects of OT and their implications. The format is intended to represent an academic conference including paper writing, submission, review, rebuttal, revision, presentation, and discussion.



## Topics


Possible topics include:


* Secure Communication Protocols for OT

* Trust Anchors in Industrial Environments

* Post-Quantum PKI for OT

* OT Device Fingerprinting

* Secure and Usable Authentication for OT

* OT Supply Chain Security

* OT Ransomware

* IDS/IPS for OT

* Logging in OT Environments

* Honeypots for OT

* ...


Furthermore, it is possible to suggest own topics within the seminar's thematic scope.



## Course Objectives


* Know and understand different aspects of OT security

* Prepare, write, and review a scientific paper in LaTeX (English; IEEE Conference Proceedings Template; ~10 pages excl. list of references and appendix)

* Present and discuss the topic (English; 25 minutes presentation + 15 minutes discussion)



## Capacity


The seminar is suitable for up to 10 students.


More Information:

Pre Course Meeting Slides (PDF)