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Mohammad Reza Norouzian

Mohammad Reza Norouzian


Zeiss Digital Innovation, Security Architect



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Research Interests

I do research in the area of machine learning and its applications in IT security. 
Topics of special interest:

  • Network anomaly detection
  • Intrusion detection system in industrial control systems
  • Adversarial machine learning


  • SPARTA - European Commission (more info)
  • IUNO - Federal Ministry of Education and Research (more info)



  • Summer Semester 2021
    • Intrusion Detection System (link)
  • Summer Semester 2019
    • Intrusion Detection System (link)
  • Summer Semester 2018
    • Intrusion Detection System (link)
  • Summer Semester 2017
    • Intrusion Detection System (link)
    • Large Scale Malware Analysis (link)
  • Winter Semester 2016/17
    • Anomaly Detection Challenges (link)

Supervised Work

  • Anomaly Detection on Industrial Control Systems (link)
  • Development of a Network Intrusion Detection Demonstrator for Industrial Control Systems (link)
  • Defending Network Intrusion Detection Systems against Adversarial Machine Learning Attacks (link)
  • Beyond Heuristics: Learning to Predict Vulnerability, Severity, and Exploits (link)
  • Machine Learning-Based Adaptive Anomaly Detection in Smart Spaces (link)


2021 Hybroid: Toward Android Malware Detectionand Categorization with Program Code and Network Traffic
2018 Graph-based Anomaly Detection for IoT Microservices