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Control Flow Integrity based Security

Control Flow Integrity based Security  

Seminare 2 SWS / 5 ECTS (Kursbeschreibung)
Veranstalter: Paul Muntean and Peng Xu
Zeit und Ort:

Mo, 10-11:30 Uhr, 01.08.033, Besprechungsraum (5608.01.033)


Beginn: 2016-10-17

The lecture is given in german and english / Die Veranstaltung wird in Deutsch und Englisch gehalten


  • Since we have assigned several same topics in the Sommer 2017 seminar course, we have to remove the links of these slides temporally(from March to July).
  • The normal meeting will finish until 16.12.2016. Please enjoy the holiday and prepare the report of course.
  • After the kick-off meeting, the registration can be made by sending an email to Peng Xu with your selected paper. The email should contain: Name, Mat.-Nr, Motivation Letter (size: 1 DIN A4 page, format: pdf, contents: Why do you want to participate exactly in this seminar ?; What do you expect from the seminar ?; What amount of work do you expect from the seminar ?; What previous knowledge you already have ?;)
  • Please send your seminar application by E-Mail only to Peng Xu until 10.10.2016.
  • Students do not need to register on TUMonline personally, this will be done by our chair.
  • After 10.10.2016, there will be NO CHANCE to cancel the registration, meaning that if a student does not submit a report and give a presentation before 16.01.2017, he/she will not pass.
  • Students must apply for the course through the TUM matching system.
  • Kick-Off meeting: 29.06.2016. at 10:00 AM, Room 01.08.033.


Control Flow Integrity (CFI) is a technique used to enforce that the program execution follows a previous computed program Control Flow Graph (CFG) from a binary, source code, etc. The seminar deals with detection and prevention of software bugs based on CFI, especially the code reuse attacks, such as Return Oriented Programming (ROP) attack and its variants (e.g., RILC, JIT-ROP, COP, COOP, JOP, Stiching Numbers, etc.). These attacks can be mitigated by enforcing CFI based policies on program binaries, source code and based on program run-time monitoring. The seminar covers the following topics:
  • Control Flow Integrity (CFI)
  • Coarse-grained CFI and Fine-grained CFI
  • ROP, JIT+ROP, COOP and Blind ROP attacks
  • CFI based protection from perspectives of binary rewriting, source-code recompile as well as hardware-assisted methods
  • Class hiearchy, vTable hiearchy based attacks and defenses

Required Preliminary Knowledge

Basic C/C++ programmin, Assembly language and IT security knowledge.


In this seminar, several hot topics in this line of research will be discussed. The goal is to provide students an overview of state-of-the-art control flow based security techniques in order to encourage them to explore this exciting research field. Each student will be assigned with one research paper. After studying the paper, each student is required to write a short report about the paper, make a 30-minute presentation about his/her topic and 15 minutes discussion.

  • Each student selects one paper from the list below.
  • Students‘ report should cover the content of the chosen paper.
  • The presentation should focus on your paper.
  • For the registration, students are required to send the title of their selection to Peng XU.
  • The papers will be assigned in a "first-come, first-served" and "interesting point" ways