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Christoph Krauß

Dr. Christoph Krauß


now at Hochschule Darmstadt & Fraunhofer SIT, Prof. Dr. Christoph Krauß

Further information can be found at my private webpage.

Research Interests

  • (Wireless) Network Security
  • Wireless Sensor Networks Security
  • Cyber Physical Systems Security
  • Smart Grid Security
  • Security in Ubiquitous Computing
  • Automotive Security
  • Efficient Cryptography and Cryptographic Protocols
  • Trusted Computing


2013 Distributed Privacy-Preserving Aggregation of Metering Data in Smart Grids
A Decisional Attack to Privacy-friendly Data Aggregation in Smart Grids
Verifiable Trust between Electronic Control Units based on a single Trust Anchor
Lightweight Attestation & Secure Code Update for Multiple Separated Microkernel Tasks
Secure Distributed Data Aggregation in the Automatic Metering Infrastructure of Smart Grids
Using Trusted Platform Modules for Location Assurance in Cloud Networking
2012 Implementation of a Protocol for Secure Distributed Aggregation of Smart Metering Data
Towards Secure Fieldbus Communication
2011 Sicherheit im Smart Grid - Herausforderungen und Handlungsempfehlungen
T-CUP: A TPM-based Code Update Protocol Enabling Attestations for Sensor Networks
2010 Detecting Compromised Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks: Misbehavior-based Detection versus Attestation-based Detection
A Security Model for Future Vehicular Electronic Infrastructures
Handling Insider Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
Infiltrating critical infrastructures with next-generation attacks: W32.Stuxnet as a showcase threat
2009 PDoS-Resilient Push Protocols for Sensor Networks
Short Hash-based Signatures for Wireless Sensor Networks
2007 Detecting Node Compromise in Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks Using Attestation Techniques
2005 Identification of Security Requirements in WLAN-WLAN Inter-Domain Handovers based on Threat And Risk Analysis